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Meet Steve

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Our secretary 

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I joined Nepean when Colin Flanagan and Bruce Shepherd  were young men and members. The club had about 40 members and was a strong club. Bruce Shepherd  and Colin Flanagan are now life members of Nepean and currently Colin is President of the BCV . Both Bruce and Colin have some of the best birds in Victoria.


There was a very nice member by the name Tom Daniels, who happen to live in the same street as myself. He taught me a little about birds and introduced me to the best breeders of that time.

I have left the bird world 3 times, however our little feather friends have such a strong pull now I am here to stay until I get to old.  I enjoy the hobby and it totally relaxes me .


I breed Lutinos ,Albinos, Greywings  ,Normals. My lines are centred about Peter Thurn ,Garry Watson ,Bob Smith ,Vic Murray , John Flanagan ,Don Rixon and Ian Hunter. All are top breeders, and  all have different  features  in the birds ,which I blend when required.

The Budgie world has great people and friends of which I have plenty. I work on not being political , however the budgies bring out my competitiveness. Our club is very settled and has good leadership with John Freeman. He works very hard  We would like to build our numbers up to make Nepean the best club it can be.

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