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Meet Rohan & Mim

OUR Treasurer & Secretary

I had an interest in birds from the very young age of 13. I joined my local club, the Wangarratta Budgerigar and Caged Birds Society. I kept and bred budgerigars, where I had success as a junior, then quickly went up to novice level.  I still have my many ribbons and certificates from that time, which was around the late 1970 era. I am still in touch with mentors from that time. My passion grew to other birds, I kept native parrots for many years. 

Life as it does changed along the way, and I was not in a position to keep birds for some years. Although I knew one day I always would, and in the meantime would get my ‘bird fix’ from visiting mates and local bird stores and breeders.

I moved down to the Mornington Peninsula in 2007. In my 5oth year, 2015, with the help of plenty of birthday vouchers for Bunnings and Peninsula Bird World, my passion was reignited and finally became a reality for me again. Then begun the process of building my aviaries, bird room, and cages, all of which I did on my own, and thoroughly enjoyed doing so. Also began the process of hunting high and low for good quality stock. I had great support from local breeders, and John and Peninsula Bird World. I knew the next step was to join a club, and with Johns recommendation, Nepean Budgerigar Society was the top pick.

My partner Mim had owned budgies previous to this as pets, but now was also introduced to the world of budgie clubs and showing. We joined Nepean as a partnership.

Our breeding campaign the first couple of years was a slow process, but in more recent times we are happy to say that we are finally having some great success in the breeding cages. We have shown some birds over the time, and have started to have some success in the beginners category. We are enjoying the show process, and have made some nice friendships along the way from all over the state.

We approach our hobby as more than just an interest, but more as a lifestyle. I have built aviaries that are a feature in our backyard, and we enjoy nothing more than to sit with our  little friends in the late arvo and enjoy a drink with them.

We have made some great friendships at Nepean, and appreciate all the advice and chat that comes with it. If I can offer some advice to beginners, is that this is not just about the end result of the perfect bird, but rather a journey and learning process to be enjoyed along the way

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