Meet John

Our President

I started with birds when i was about 6, i caught a green budgie in our back yard went and found a small cage on hard rubbish and hence was hooked for ever more.

I always had birds as pets but it wasn’t until 2013 i decided move into show/exhibition budgerigars, i enquired and joined up with the Nepean club and by 2015 was voted in as President, i started showing in 2015 and have had moderate success where i had 4th , 6th and 8th in UBC shield for Clearbodies, in 2016 as well as several minor placings throughout the shield varieties.

In one of the hardest sections to do well in is the normal green variety, in 2016 i had a 3rd, 13th and 23rd in the green section of the Victorian shield, the bird which came 3rd went on to the nationals in Hobart and came 5th that is 5th in all Australia which i was pretty happy with. This bird was named Curly as he had a tuft of feathers on his chest which would stick out when he became nervous, Curly’s family is the basis of my normals in my stud.

I currently keep about 220  birds (too many) l breed most normals , green, grey green, blue, grey and violet also i have cinnamon’s, opalines, spangle and Dominate pieds, I specialize in clear bodies and Australian golden face.

I currently have 24 wire breeding cages going in my bird room (which is 4m x 2m) during the breeding season and have 2 reasonable sized aviaries, this year i rung  145 birds with some very good quality amongst them. Currently i am building a new bird room of 4.8m x 3.6 to compliment my existing room.